The big end of year doldrums

Friday January 1, 1999

Garden view, Williton, Jan 1,'99
New Year’s Day
New camera
10:30 bright and

We had the good sense to hold back a bottle of Bolly for the New Year Toast, and the even better sense to sit enjoying it slowly while Big Ben chimed the hour, the lone piper walked the walls of Edinburgh Castle, and the crowds in Trafalgar Square dared the waters in the fountains. And to turn off the TV before the whole thing got too silly for words.

So it was with clear head and bright eye I woke early this morning to watch the day turn into a sunny let’s get out and have a walk delight.

Watchet Jan 01,'99
Watchet harbour at low tide

I took a quick turn down the path past Tonka Ted’s smallholding and around the higher fields while Graham held the fort and made duty family telephone calls, then we decided to go down to Watchet and take lunch at Molly’s. Shock! Horror! Molly’s food cupboard must be as bare of essentials as mine is because she was firmly and defiantly closed. Hey ho. Our timing was otherwise perfect and we arrived at low tide, the harbour empty, a few boats marooned on the mud and crowds of gulls trying to cadge snacks from people on the front.

Determined to get some value from the trip I ran off some shots of the harbour to test the new camera. Amazing. Not as photographs but as examples of what the beast can do. Next week, as I try to walk off some of the chocolate, I’ll see if I can’t manage some photo-opportunity excursions.

Me in Stop'n'Shop, Williton, Jan 01,'99
Me in Stop ‘n’ Shop

So, it was necessary to grab some fixings for lunch. The Spardis in Watchet was open but looked like the day after a buying panic. Not a thing left on the fresh produce shelves and nothing at all that I don’t have in my store cupboard. We had a craving for salad.

Stop ‘n Shop in Williton was no better. It’s bigger, but all that meant was there were more empty shelves. Oh dear. In my search I handed the camera to Graham to look after while I rummaged about. Sure enough, he took evil advantage and walked round after me clicking away. I hate that. Also, I’m needing a new word – the camera is completely silent in operation so “snap” and “click” don’t really apply.

In the end I had to sigh and give up. All I found was one very sad looking cabbage and a few potatoes looking very much the worse for their trip from Egypt. The romance of food grown in the shadow of the pyramids soon wears thin when you look at these potatoes. The store cupboard had to cough up one more meal.

Tomorrow the supermarkets will be getting the first of their deliveries of fresh produce so I’ll get out and grab some fresh salad stuff and vegetables. Tonight, well, you can’t go wrong with chips and egg accompanied by Sean Connery and a James Bond movie.

On Monday things will return to normal. I’m looking forward to that. Heavens, I might even get to read something other than Bridget Jones’ Diary.


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