If this is the New Year, what happened to the old one?

Friday, January 3, 2003

Back at the Williton library where the keyboards don’t do new paragraphs… Graham’s just up the road at the laundromat, doing a major catch up on the laundry, and I’ve been sent off to get me out of the way. It’s a tiny one-horse town, after all, and there’s no room in the laundromat for surplus humans. … Christmas was extraordinarily quiet and comforting, with no-one in the caravan park except Harry, Dolly, Graham and me. Oh, and some disconented seagulls. … We followed my time-tested recipe for having a good Chrismas and New Year in straightened circumstances — lots of good festive food, and as much booze as can be squeezed in to the available space. It works. Try it any time you need it. … Now, the world here is beginning to wake up after the long holiday, people are back at their desks and, by Monday, we should be in full-speed mode on the house purchase. Can’t wait. Don’t like webmail. Hate not having my own computer. And I hate it when Dolly and I can’t sit outside to take our customary daily ration of good fresh air. There’s only so much fresh air can enter an enclosed space, no matter how wide you open the window, and it’s not enough for Dolly and me! … However, all’s well, with both cats and us humans, and I ain’t complaining. Well, not so’s you’d notice, anyway. It’d be nice to have a carriage return on this keyboard, though. I’ll be back in Taunton next week and shall do my best to spend half-an-hour writing on one of the proper computers in the library there. In the meantime, I hope you all had a good, happy, safe holiday, and I’m looking forward to sharing a good chunk of 2003 with you when I’m back online….


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