The new camera

Monday August 2, 2004

Somewhere around nine o’clock this morning the ParcelForce van drew up outside, the bloke came out, rummaged in the back and emerged bearing a large parcel. The new camera had arrived at last. My reaction was, however, not what he or anyone else expected.

“I’m not accepting that,” I said, pointing at three great dents in the box. “It’s been damaged.”

“Oh. Alright, then,” said the chap, shrugging indifferently.

And back he trotted.

Graham was less than pleased. In fact he was incandescent. Both ParcelForce and Amazon soon learned of his disappointment. I heard only one side of the conversation and only really registered one line:

“No, I don’t want a replacement. I’ve waited long enough already. I want a refund.”

Less than an hour later we were back at Oldrid’s, I had my plastic on the counter, and my new baby was in my sticky mitts at last.

It is a beautiful camera. It’s going to take me a while to get used to it and start making pictures with it but I am already impressed beyond words with the colour depth. Sharpness I don’t know about yet—haven’t worked out the best way to hold it, and, by the time I was confident enough to press the shutter, the light was fading. I’ll be patient, tackle the job slowly but surely, and I’ll get there. It’s unreasonable to expect to take what is a very sophisticated camera out of the case and start producing masterpieces straight away. And there’s a lot to learn.


Stickford, Aug,'04

Do hold still, Harry!



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