Resting up

Friday August 6, 2004

It came as no surprise to me, and probably will not astonish anyone else, that today I felt the after-effects of yesterday’s long drive to and from Nottingham. I’m relieved that I can still manage to do long distance driving when I have to but I do need to be realistic about it and reserve time afterwards to recover.

So today I haven’t been even so far as the front gate. No great loss—it’s been a still, humid day when the slightest breath of air has been a blessing. Harry and Dolly and I have spent our time by the open french doors in the study, carefully positioned so as to get the benefit of the big electric fan.

When not dozing I’ve been playing with photographs, making a new photo gallery, and running off test shots on the new camera. I’m just about ready now to take it out on a genuine photo-trip. Not today, though. Today I needed to rest up.


IKEA, Nottingham, Aug 5,04
Every one the same
pencam photo



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