A slice of a shiver

Monday August 30, 2004

You don’t go out on the roads on a British Bank Holiday, not if you have the choice that is. So we declared it a feet up day. Graham needed to rest a slight back strain following on his green waste disposal activity and I felt the need of a little rest up after what seems to have been a busy few days. Harry and Dolly were just resting.

The signs of summer coming to an end are all round us. Most evenings now there’s a little wood smoke in the air as people come to feel there’s an autumnal chill in the air. The days are getting shorter, and it’s full dark most days by somewhere around eight o’clock. I ought to check, and to keep checking, but I feel a reluctance to measure the departure of summer just now.

My energy levels seem to be sinking somewhat, on schedule just like every year for the last decade or so, and I’m beginning to wonder if it’s time to reach for a little chemical help to keep the SADs away. It pays to keep a close watch on Seratonin levels as you get older.

And, now that it’s cooler, I’m being rather more inclined to get the pots and pans out and do some proper cooking. I roasted a whole chicken from raw yesterday, the breast of which we had for our Sunday dinner; the remainder went into a chicken, leek and mushroom pie which we enjoyed greatly this evening. The carcase is now simmering very slowly in a half-gallon of water, along with a few pinches of herbs, reducing into a good rich stock which I shall use tomorrow in the making of a cottage pie. The day after that I’m planning a nice, sustaining sausage casserole. I shall have to use a jar of pre-made sauce for that because I’m not geared up with necessaries for sauce making yet.

We’re wanting warm things, comfort against darker and longer nights. I peeked into the loose change tins today, checking to be sure we’ll have enough for a good feast at Christmas and, when I opened my last jar of Oxford marmalade for breakfast this morning, I found myself wanting to get out and restock on jams and preserves for the winter cupboard.

We’ve not felt the need to turn the heating on yet, but we’ve both of us begun to don trousers and long-sleeved sweat shirts on rather than the shorts and loose t-shirts we’ve been wearing the whole summer through.

I shall enjoy the autumn when it comes, with frosty mornings and with the trees adopting their end of season colour display. Here at the end of summer, though, I feel a sense of loss. The boundary of change between summer and autumn is an uncomfortable thing this year.

So I shall cling on to what’s left of our lovely summer, make the most of every bit of sunshine that comes along, and fill my sould with the last of the summer flowers. For today, though, and only for today, I’m experiencing a bit of a brrrr and a slice of a shiver.


Boston, Aug,'04
Landscape, Boston
pencam photo



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