Dragons and monsters

Sunday September 5, 2004

When I went out into the garden this morning it was like entering a fiery furnace. Our summer has come back, it seems, for the day at least.

“That settles it,” I said.

“How’s that, then?”

“It’s too hot out there. I’m staying home today.”

“Fair enough.”

So we had a completely satisactory Sunday at home, doing not a lot. Graham played with his computer. I played with mine. Between times we tackled low level chores, working in shifts because we share the same telephone line.

To be honest, I have felt subdued all day. Not surprising, really. And, in the evening, finding nothing on any one of the several dozen TV channels that suited me, I slapped the tape of the second in the Lord of the Rings trilogy into the player and goggled at the splendour of the effects once more. It’s time I read the books again, and I shall start with the Hobbit, turning my thoughts from the dragons and monsters of the real world for those of Tolkien’s imagining. If ever I needed to escape into fantasy fiction that time is now.



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