I ain’t complaining

Tuesday September 14, 2004

Driving back from Boston today it was clear from the sudden browning of leaves on the west-facing side of most exposed trees that autumn has been at work. Not through frost, but by means of hard, constant wind. And there was me relishing the sudden drop in temperature and the equally rapid freshening of the air, zillions of gallons of it, just waiting to be breathed appreciatively by those of us who’ve been mostly stuck at home during the hot, airless summer months.

So that’s the first visible sign of autumn. All it will take now is a touch of frost and there will be no turning back, just looking forward.

We’ve had a wonderful summer. It’s been many years since I saw so many butterflies, and the wild birds have been a constant joy. And there have been blue skies enough to make trousers for the sailors of an entire Galactic Navy. I ain’t complaining.



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