A quiet Sunday

Sunday October 3, 2004

I got the underpainting done today, experiencing the old feeling that a nice fresh drawing was being submerged in a more or less monotone drabness. No matter. I have been here before, even if it was a long time ago, and I know that the next stage, if I can bring it off, will restore the sparkle and, hopefully build on it. It’s a wonder what a bit of careful lining and impasto can do.

I’ve been learning as I went along. First, I really, really like acrylic. The palette provided in the starter set is not to my liking and I’ve rediscovered my dislike of earth colours and of pre-mixed greens; I’ll need to hop down to the art shop before the next painting to stock up, adding a violet, an indigo, and a lot more white. It seemed a good idea to start with a small (14×12 inch) canvas and perhaps it is. For this kind of subject, though, I need to work bigger. I was wise to restrict myself to only two bristle brushes to begin with. On my next buying expedition, though, I shall treat myself to two more round bristles and a cheap sable. Oh, and an extra palette knife, one with a long narrow tip.

Other than that I’m well pleased with progress. I’m still doing more thinking than painting and I’m not sure that’s the best way. It’ll have to do for now, though, because it’s all I have.

And thus it was that a very quiet Sunday passed, with Graham half-way through his Somerset stint and Harry, Dolly and me all being as good as we know how. Well, careful, anyway.


Stickford, Oct,'04



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