The importance of priorities

Monday October 4, 2004

Harry and I had a day off painting today. I’m a bit stuck, you see, not sure how to go to the next stage in the way I want to go. I tried on a corner but it’ll not do.

“I need to do some more in-depth thinking on this, Harry,” I said, rather glumly.


“What do you mean, good?”

All I got for that was a pointed glare at the spot on the counter where Harry Cat is accustomed to take his Carnation Milk and which at that moment contained nothing but bareness and a slight whiff of Mr Muscle kitchen cleaner.

“Whoops!” I said.

“Mrrrroooow!” said Harry. And we all know what that meant.


Stickford, Oct,'04
And where, may I ask, is my Carnation Milk?



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