The lull before the lull

Wednesday October 6, 2004

I suppose I could say something about opening up a can of worms but having invoked the sleeping tiger metaphor yesterday I’m reluctant to mix things any more than I feel they’re mixed up already. Besides, to the best of my knowledge, tigers do not like worms.

So, I’m thinking about this painting, sketching, being an artist malarkey, thinking hard. I’ve had a lot of good advice, particularly in the comments to yesterday’s entry, for which I’m grateful. It’s all grist to the mill. I suspect however that my mill on this is going to grind exceeding slow. I shall leave the whole question for as long as it takes.

The second and last week of Graham’s absence is wearing on now and I must turn my attention to giving the house a good bottoming so it’s all clean and sparkly ready for his return. I’ve been half-hearted about my cleaning chores and that’s silly. I observe that as I get older the importance of a light layer of dust on unused surfaces does not diminish but it does become less and less urgent. In the course of an ordinary day I simply don’t see the dust. However, Graham does, and I’ll be in trouble if I don’t at least show willing.

But, it’s been a lovely day, drifting between sunshine and cloud, with a fresh breeze that’s a joy to breathe. My own activities have drifted similarly, enjoying the sun and smiling quietly at the cloud. The skies cleared during the evening, to display a crescent moon and a dusting of stars sufficient to take the imagination on long journeys. The temperature plummeted and I was forced to gather my coat tight around me as I stood outside in the darkness to watch the show. When I came indoors I nudged the heating on—an almost daily occurrence now—and sat close to the radiator to warm up as it gurgled and hissed into life. I like my radiator. It’s not as satisfying as an open fire, or a stove, but it’s a lot less work. And I can state with certainty that old grey poets, especialy those experiencing strange and discomforting interruptions in the creative process, do not like work.



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