Sad news

Saturday October 9, 2004

Graham finished up in Somerset this morning and set off on the next leg of his long journey, to visit his father who has been seriously ill. Sadly, just before leaving, he discovered that it was too late and that the old guy had slipped away.

So, heavy of heart, Graham carried on to South Wales and, for an uncertain length of time, will remain there for the funeral, which is set for Friday, with a memorial service on Monday. He may need to return home for suitable clothes and to catch his breath between now and Friday but at this stage nothing is certain.

There’s nothing I can or should say here other than to report the bare facts as they shape our lives over the next week or so. Family deaths are not easy situations and this is no exception.

Late this evening the family departed and Graham retired to the sofa in his mother’s living room for an uneasy sleep. He pulled the covers over his head so we could speak quietly on the phone and there was some comfort in that, for both of us. Afterwards, I stood at the window, looking at the stars. I have no memory of how they were. Uncertain, and unsure, I sighed, and went off to bed. Harry was already sleeping in his accustomed place and, unusually, Dolly came up to rest near my feet. There was some comfort in that, too.



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