We’re getting there

Monday October 18, 2004

Things are hotting up at last. I spent an unhappy hour struggling with the National Rail website trying to get train times for Wednesday morning, gave up and phoned the help line. The nice woman on the line gave me all the information I needed in seconds. The moral of the story is obvious.

I was a little dismayed when Graham told me it would have to be Wednesday rather than Tuesday but there is a nugget of silver in that small black cloud. It’ll give me an extra day to work at this darn carpet, which looks worse after vacuuming than it did before. Dolly hair is tenacious stuff. I have put in an urgent request to get rid of the carpet in the study and dining room. It’s something we should have done long since.

I think Harry and Dolly are getting the message that our long isolation is about to end. It’s not an easy thing to judge with cats but I have the impression they’re almost as pleased as I am.

Harry in particular has been of the greatest help in my long day’s cleaning. Actually, it’s been a long day’s cleaning into night, but let it pass. As I finished each of the major rooms I took the vacuum out to empty straight into the trash and gave the dusters a jolly good shake downwind. Each time I stood for a while, breathing some fresh air, and then I returned to the house, feeling just a little weary.

“What would you say to a little nap, Harry?”

Reliable as something that’s very reliable indeed, his response each time was to perk up, and poddle along to the bedroom, looking over his shoulder as if to hurry me up.

It’s hard work, is in-depth cleaning, and I salute those who sail through it every day, especially if they can do it without complaint. I salute the complainers, too, which is only fair, because I am surely in their number.

Other than that, nothing. We’re getting there. That’s all the encouragement I need.



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