Wednesday October 27, 2004

I have a feeling I really ought to have named this Tuesday Part 2. Yesterday ran on into today. Big time. I managed to get to sleep about eight o’clock this morning, woke at eleven-thirty, and still didn’t know what day it was. Necessity demanded a supermarket trip and that was made unreal by driving through unnaturally bright wintry sunlight, and from the dim light inside the store where all the windows are covered against damage from the last stages of the building works. Not just that but getting out of the car, all sunny and warm, was like walking into a freezer. I pulled the zipper on my fleecy jacket right up to my neck and managed perfectly well but poor Graham shivered in a t-shirt and open denim jacket. That’s what you get for dressing for style rather than for weather, I suppose, but I kept my thoughts on that to myself.

Driving out of the supermarket carpark I asked: “Do you feel up to a quick dash into B&Q for a new kitchen pedal bin?”

“Sure, but I thought we were going to wait until we visit IKEA again so’s we could get a stylish one.”

“Well, yes. But you must admit that thinking a new trash bin is an important lifestyle statement is rather sad.”

“Oh. I think you said something clever there. Quantum, even.”

“Mayhap. But we really do need a new kitchen bin.”

“Okey dokey.”

When we got home Harry looked up, sniffed, and transformed into a radar-guided steak-seeking missile, diving into each plastic carrier bag in turn until he found the one containing a small pack of meaty chunks destined for his lunch. There was nothing for it but that I should stop in mid-unpack and put three small pieces of raw, chewy steak on a saucer. The kitchen filled with the sound of humans stowing provender and one elderly cat chomping away on bits of cow.

“You spoil that cat,” said Graham, not at all seriously.

“Yup. Anything he wants he gets.”

“Can’t see anyone arguing with that.”

“Just as well. I’d do them over with my new kitchen bin if they tried.”

“I think you just said something quantum again.”

“Thanks. I think.”



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