Saturday October 30, 2004

As we trickle day by day through the end of October and move ever closer to November, the weather is switching to a uniform foggy grey that wakens memories of my time in Lincolnshire back in the very early sixties. November is not a wonderful month in Lincolnshire, at least I don’t remember it as such. A few years back I wrote a little poem about my feelings about the onset of November and the dreary months that follow. It’s a bit clever-clever, but it does express the way I feel about the season this evening, after a dull, sunless day when ‘even the birds don’t sing’:



dismal partners
fag-ending the year
tipped by grey clad Christmas
and stale beer-breathed Hogmanay
direct sun starved poets
tired of mellow mists
to seek solace
deep in the
warmth of


John Bailey, Somerset 1997


The feeling of mild dread is made more pronounced by the imminence of the US Presidential Elections. I shall heave a great sigh of relief when the result is known, and I suspect many other people will react similarly. I’m reminded of the way I used to feel in business when, in my view, too much time and energy had been spent debating the way forward and no clear decision had emerged. I used to describe the condition as ‘terminal evaluation’. I had the opinion then that any decision was better than no decision and, generally, even if the die was cast in a direction opposite to my own preference, I would throw my support behind the victor. There were a very few exceptions of course, when my conscience dictated otherwise, and that was when, if I truly couldn’t live with the decision, I’d blow the dust off my CV and go looking for a new job.

As I think about it the parallels grow more and more obvious. Perhaps that ‘even the birds don’t sing’ reference is more seriously apt than I thought.

On another tack entirely, I acquired a Microsoft CD today with the SP2 upgrade to Windows XP. It installed without a hitch and has left me with only two niggling compatibility problems that I’ll doubtless be able to solve as soon as I’ve adjusted to the clock change. I’m a little bothered by the way Internet Explorer now flags my website as containing Active X components and asks me to fiddle with options. I suspect it’s to do with Blogrolling, though it could be the Haloscan commenting, but my brain is running an hour out of kilter with the world just now, and I don’t feel like making a decision on it, or even beginning the evaluation.

Parallels abound it would seem. Nasty little things, parallels.



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