Pointed questions

Wednesday November 3, 2004

I suspect the bulk of the journallers in the world today are turning their thoughts, and their words, to the subject of the outcome of the American elections. I do not intend to follow the herd on this one. If I stated support for the Bush Administration I’d have to justify it and, similarly, if I recorded my discontent, I’d have to justify that, too. I’m not inclined to spend my time on either venture.

When, sometime next year, we British go to the polls to elect a new government, it will be necessary for the thoughtful among us to examine our feelings on the relationship between Blair and Bush. I shall do that, and it may or may not influence the way I vote. There are larger considerations. Sitting here today, I think that I may well keep my deliberations to myself and my vote, when I cast it, is likely to remain a secret, too.

I may however, when my spirits ride high once more, ask pointed questions.


Hope, I have been told,
is a feathered creature
and that may be so. Certainly
it needs wings if it is to fly.
Fear, then, if this is so,
is likely to be a thing with scales,
shiver-cold, hiding in shadows,
fearful of meeting itself.
Take Hope, then, and fly with it. It’s
better company than Fear. Remember,
though as you sing, high in free air,
white-feathered doves stand on scaly feet.
John Bailey Lincolnshire, 2004



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