Another aspect of cosy

Tuesday November 9, 2004

We were planning on a trip down to Boston today so’s I could deposit some ill-gotten gains in the bank. A side-trip to Costa Coffee was on the cards, too. And maybe, even, Ottakar’s bookshop.

But, it rained. Softly at first. The window pane was completely obscured with a million, trillion rain drops, all beaded and kept separate by some mysterious surface-tensioned geometrical property.

“I don’t like the look of this,” I said. “Do you think we could put our trip off until tomorrow?”

“Could do. We have to go tomorrow, though, ‘cos I’ve got a dentist’s appointment.”

“Fair enough. Like, we can kill two birds with one pull of the pliers.”

“Oh, very funny.”

“Sorry. That was uncalled for.”

“Yes, it was. Funny, though.”

“I do try.”

“What will you do if we don’t go out?”

“I think it’s a day to sit by the fire with a good, dark-season book.”

“Anything particular?”

“It may well be time for my annual dose of Winnie-the-Pooh.”

“Good choice.”

And so it was, on a day when I had nothing else to do, I sat by the the fire and read the Pooh books again, in between watching the rain run down the window. Some time around late morning I came along to the kitchen, singing at the top of my voice, giving it a fair bit of welly:


“How sweet to be a cloud
Floating in the blue
It makes you very proud
To be a little cloud
Flo-a-t-ing in the bl-u-e!”
Misquoted from A.A. Milne


“You sound happy,” said Graham.

“I am.”

“Good. What’s for lunch?”

“Hunney sandwiches.”

“Very funny.”

“Oh, all right, then. How does ham and tomato grab you?”

“Sounds fine.”

The rain was really lashing in by the time I had a heaped plate of sandwiches on the table, ready to eat. All pretence at geometrical neatness was gone, and the window pane was streaming.

“I’m glad we decided on staying home today,” I said.

“Mmmpf,” munched Graham.


Stickford, Nov,'04
Another aspect of cosy



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