Heaps better than painting pebbles

Saturday November 13, 2004

“You’re really enjoying that, aren’t you,” said Graham, making a statement rather than posing a question.

“Yes, I am. I had no idea it was so much fun.”

“I’ll look out a couple of boxes of stuff we don’t need any more and you can sell them.”

“Fine. Bring ’em on.”

“Tomorrow, perhaps. I think you ought to take a break now, though.”

“Yeah. You’re right,” I said, closing my Internet connection and quite a lot of browser windows. “Is dinner ready?”

“Won’t be long. Have a beer while I finish off, why don’t you.”

I did just that, and the crisp, cold bite of a glass of Dutch Export Lager (from Tesco’s, very cheap) got my taste-buds sizzling and lined up just right to tackle Graham’s Saturday Night Pasta Special. This week it was a highly sustaining mix—all sundried tomatoes and olives in a rich tomato sauce served with a good plateful of penne pasta quill things.

“That was really, really tasty,” I said, clearing the table. “What’s for dessert?”

“We forgot to get any.”

“Ah well. Not to worry. We’ll have fruit and cheese instead.”

And then, with one final peek at my items on eBay, I wrapped up the day.

I’ve got hooked, you see. On eBay, that is. I shall not let it become an addiction, and I’ll not go on about it too much here, or at all. Unless any funny stories come up, that is. For now, there’s a discreet little shop icon in the left sidebar of my main webpage, linking to my eBay ‘Items for sale’ page, and I shall leave it at that.

Today, though, today has been my eBay day, and I see no need to apologise for it. I read my new ‘how to’ book from cover to cover, twice, and then put up two more items to add to the one I made yesterday. One is Graham’s very first Palm PDA, still in good, clean working order, and the other is the ‘how-to’ book itself. How’s that for nicely circular? I think I’ve sorted out the way to sell and send stuff to Australia, Canada and the USA so I’ll open that avenue up as soon as I have something suitable for those markets.

I have to say, though, that it really is a lot of fun, and heaps better than painting pebbles. I wonder, though? Perhaps there’s a good market for painted pebbles…



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