Knowing me, knowing you

Saturday November 27, 2004

Up with the lark, to perform a full day’s washing, cleaning and dusting in readiness for Graham’s return this evening. I should have been doing a little each day, I suppose, to lessen the load on the final day but I’ve been busy. Very busy. Can’t remember the last time I was this busy.

It’s doing me good, though, this daily activity, to and from the post office, packing stuff up, being busy. I’m experiencing a surge of energy the like of which… And I’m trimming down a little, too.

“You know what, Dolly?” I said, regarding myself in the bathroom mirror.


“I’m losing weight.”


“Yeah. And if it goes on like this, you’ll be able to describe me as becoming svelte once more.”


“Oh, alright. On the soft, cuddly, cushiony side of svelte, if you must.”


And off she stomped, doing a fine imitation of disgust. I swear, that cat knows me almost as well as I know myself.


Boston, Nov,'04
pencam photo



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