The Security of the Realm

Monday December 13, 2004

Although the thermometer didn’t show it, today was a cold affair, foggy, dank, and difficult to enjoy.

Not impossible, however, because on my return journey from Boston I pulled my hat down, tucked my scarf in securely, and opened the side window so’s I could stick the pencam out into the gloom. I was snapping away happily when I caught a glimpse of the lorry-driver behind me, peering through his windscreen as if better to determine what the looney old guy in the little blue Ford was up to. There was an expression of some anxiety on his face, or so I thought, as he dropped his speed and pulled back from me. Staying back. Well back.

A small mystery, and not entirely interesting. All I can imagine is that he feared that maybe I was using some kind of firearm and taking pot shots at likely targets as I passed by.

An alarming thought when you come to examine it closely. If I really do look as if I’m firing a pistol from my car window perhaps I should cease the practice, lest some passing policeman thinks I’m a Potential Danger to the Security of the Realm.

You do hear the strangest stories these days when there is a suspected Potential Danger to the Security of the Realm.

Hey ho. We shall see. I did get some fair-to-average shots, though.


Boston, Dec,'04
pencam photo



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