Taking a day off ‘sick’

Tuesday December 14, 2004

I had a really dozy day today, returning to bed instead of staying up, taking a long, long nap after lunch, and then, in the evening, flopping about yawning until Teachers came up on TV. After that, once we’d stopped giggling, I washed and brushed up and tumbled into bed once more.

As I dropped off I seem to remember thinking that what I’d done with my day was the pensioner’s equivalent of a working bloke taking a day off ‘sick’. Except I don’t need to fabricate an excuse, nor a doctor’s certificate, and if I was seen wandering about the garden this afternoon there’s no-one to whom I may be reported.

I’m free!

There are benefits to getting older. And that’s only fair, really, when you consider the downside.


Boston, Dec,'04
Fogscape 2
pencam photo



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