Having fun again

Tuesday December 21, 2004

I warmed up by late in the evening yesterday, and was sitting quietly, contemplating some blog or other, when Graham began rooting through the CD cupboard next to me.

“Well, I’m blowed,” he said. “Look at what I’ve found.”

He held out a small cardboard box, labelled ‘Elektra’.

“What’s that, then?”

“It’s the last gramophone cartridge we ever bought, just after we switched over to CDs. Never used it.”


“What’s incredible is that it’s lasted in the cupboard all these years when we’ve chucked out so much old rubbish.”

“What shall you do with it?”

“Chuck it in the bin, of course.”

“No, don’t do that. Give us it ‘ere and I’ll bang it up on eBay.”

“You’re joking.”

“No I’m not. Some vinyl record enthusiast will jump at it, you see if they don’t.”

“Well, it’s up to you. Bet you don’t get more than a quid for it, though.”

“We shall see. I think more like thirty quid, but on eBay you never know.”

So I set to, made up a photograph, researched a description and put the whole thing up. Less than ten minutes later I yelled through to the bedroom where he was sticking bits of lining paper over the walls: “You lose. I just got offered twenty quid for it.”

“Yer wot?”

“An off-eBay offer, twenty quid for an immediate sale.”

“Shall you take it?”

“Nah. Goes against the spirit of eBay, does an off-auction offer. I’ll stick with it.”

“You know best.”

I don’t know about that. Certainly I’m getting more fluent with eBay, and more confident. Whatever, by the end of the day there were eleven people watching the item and, when I woke this morning, the first offer was in. By the end of the day today the early bidding had risen to £5.50p, and quietened down to a stop, with eighteen people watching. I timed the auction to end on the evening of Christmas Day, reckoning to catch those folks who will by then have retired to their computer to get away from the festivities and the family jollity. I’m not honestly thinking thirty quid but, like I say… on eBay you never know.

This evening, Graham came into the study where I was noodling away after a full day of getting warm and rebuilding my spirits after yesterday’s nasty outing: “Look what I just found.”

He was holding an old original Sony Walkman Pro cassette recorder/player.

“Where on earth did you find that?”

“It was in the back of my drawer.”

“Does it still work?”

“Yeah. Built like tanks, these were. Not a mark on it. You want to try selling it for me?”

“Sure. Give us it ‘ere. I’ll bang it up tomorrow when we’ve got over the first of the big shops.”

And that is what I shall do. I’m having fun again.


Cafe Russo, Boston, Dec,'04
Corner seat
pencam photo



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