Looking forward

Tuesday December 28, 2004

Closed for Business

This has been the fourth & final day of Christmas. When the holiday falls on a Saturday the following Monday & Tuesday are declared public holidays.

So, for four whole days, we inhabit a country that is, to all intents & purposes, closed. Except for the major shops, which drop into sale mode, everything is closed. The banks are closed. The Post office is closed. The doctors are closed. The… Oh, hell, you get the idea. The whole darn joint is perishin’ well closed.

You can go out and shop till you drop, but you can’t post a letter, you can’t deposit a cheque, and you sure as hell can’t pick up a prescription.

Not being shoppers at the moment unless it’s for sensible stuff like groceries & DIY supplies, we stayed home. I got all togged up in my warms and sauntered down the lane, just for a bit of stretchy exercise and a breath of air, you understand but, apart from that, we’ve stayed home, away from the drunk drivers you get at any public holiday and far, far away from all the 50% reductions on white goods and furniture.

I think we’ve had enough of it now, though.

“I shall have to go out to Tesco’s for bread and milk and stuff tomorrow,” I lied. “Shall you want to come too?”

“Do we have to?”

“Yes. Of course we do. We have to get back to normal sometime, don’t we?”

“S’pose so. It’s been nice, though.”

And, yes, it has been nice. It’s been quiet, warm and peaceful. We’ve both had quiet, absorbing things to do, and most of the food has been of the pre-cooked variety, like the massive honey-roast ham I seem to have been cutting into for so long I’m not sure I’d remember how to cook a sausage if I had one.

“Yes. Really nice. Can’t go on like this much longer, though. Things to do, places to go, people to hassle…”

“Yeah. Right you are, then. Tesco’s tomorrow it is.”

“Okey dokey. It’s good to have something we can look forward to.”

“And I can pop into B&Q for some more paint, too. And Homebase for some floor tiles.”

“Busy. Busy.”

“You said it, chooky-boots.”



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