A lovely day for it

Friday December 31, 2004

Stickford, Dec 31,'04
A lovely day for it

“No, honest,” I said. “All I did was crop it and sharpen it after re-sizing for the web.”

“Well, that Fuji camera must have an auto-adjust for sunsets, then,” Graham said.

“No,” I said. “It’s just a great camera for well-lit subjects.”

“Just as well. It was cheap, but not that cheap.”

“Oh, I don’t feel so bad about it now as I did when I slapped the plastic on the counter.”

“How’s that, then?”

“Well, it’s more than earned its keep taking photos for stuff on eBay, if nothing more.”

“You’re getting obsessed with eBay.”

“And that’s wrong how, exactly?”

“Not wrong at all. There’s worse things.”

“You’re telling me.”

The little blue Ford hummed restfully as we drove across the country roads towards Tesco’s.

“You do realise that you don’t get sunsets in London, don’t you?”

“Nonsense. You get wonderful sunsets over the Thames. And sunrises, too. And if you go just outside the City to the hills you get skyscapes that are world class.

“What hills?”

“Oh, Hampstead, of course. And Greenwich. And Richmond… I could probably remember more if I had a little memory juice in me.”

“We’ll have a coffee before we do the shop.”

“Don’t like their coffee. I’ll have a black tea. Assam, for preference.”

“Thank goodness for Tetley’s.”</p

We fell silent as the little blue Ford hummed over more country roads. Just as we turned onto the last stretch before joining the Grantham to Boston road, Graham said, thoughtfully: “We’ve got a lovely day for it.”

“Yes,” I said, looking out at the wonderful flat fields, a vaguely blue sky and a row of distant trees, all bathed in a soft, luminous light. “We’ve got a lovely day for it, and that’s for sure.”

* * * * *

And that wraps up my journal for another year. I’m sipping a rather special dry Reisling as the clock ticks around for midnight. Just about two hours to go now.

So, at the end of a year that’s had its ups and downs on the world stage but which has been quiet and mostly tranquil for Graham, Harry Cat, Dolly the Mega-Cat and me, I raise my glass to all of you. Happy New Year! Let’s hope for better times in 2005, and that the inevitable sadnesses, global and personal, will be balanced by happiness where we can find it.



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