You can’t trust the duvets

Sunday January 16, 2005

So there I was, on the gravel-filled bench in the huge tropical palm-house, wrestling with the giant water-snakes that had rushed up the drains in search of dried baby food and wrapped themselves round my neck like a … like a … well, like a duvet that had gotten out of control, actually.

And then, wrapped tight as tight in best goose-down, I fell out of bed and fetched the back of my head such a clout on my bedside table that I now have a lump there the size of a … lump. Quite a large lump. And sore with it.

No harm done. No bones broken. Didn’t ‘arf shake me up, though.

So I’ve spend the day sleeping, mostly. As far away from the edge of the bed as possible.

I tell ya. You can’t trust the duvets round here any more.


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