No need to wait

Thursday January 20, 2005

A sad task today, collecting Harry Cat’s ashes from the vet’s office. Such a small package to stand for all that joy and laughter.

The contemporary term is ‘closure’.

I’m not content with that as a way of describing the last steps in the ritual of dealing with death. It’s not a closure, it’s a balancing, perhaps a re-balancing, allowing us to go forward with respect and with fondness.

For a moment, though, it’s the most alone and lonely of all things.

When I got home I scooped Dolly the Mega-cat up and gave her a thorough cuddle.

“Bad, was it?” Graham asked.

“No. Not bad.”

“Well, it’s done now. It’ll be fine, just you wait and see.”

And it is fine. There’s no need to wait.



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