We’ll pay for this

Sunday January 23, 2005

I went teetering up the lane again today, looking out for snow. No show. Nary a flake. Bit of ice underfoot, and on the surface of the pond but we got away with it for another night.

Instead the sun shone, the winter crops kept on growing greener and greener, and I was more in the mood for salad than cold weather comfort food when it came to lunch. By dinner, when it was dark, I’d mellowed somewhat in response to what sounded like a chill change in the wind outside so I put a full chicken roast together. At the peak of the roasting activity, when the kitchen gets too hot for me, I gathered my t-shirt about me and stepped outside to test the climate. Cold, but not that cold. And any smell of snow on the wind was covered by wood smoke from sensible folks’ chimneys.

So, while snow reports and pretty winter wonderland pictures pile up from across the world, we have had a nice, mild, sunny day.

“We’ll pay for this, see if we don’t,” I said.

“Yeah. Yeah,” said Graham.

“Mrrrrmph,” said Dolly.

One of us’ll be right, that’s for certain.


Stickford Jan,'04
Just up the lane



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