Passing the time

Wednesday February 9, 2005

“Well, there you go, Dolly,” I said. “It’s just you and me now for a few days.”

She favoured me with a head-butt, yawned, and went back to sleep.

“Fair enough,” I said, starting to unpack my bags of bachelor-fare. “I’m going to take a leaf out of your book, at least for a couple of days, and spend my time eating and sleeping by turns.”

And that, on the day when Graham departed Wales-ward for a few days on a visit to his mother, was what I did. I lunched on fish and chips, slept, had a light tea-and-toast snack, slept, had a sensible dinner of jacket potato and chicken stew, followed by a ridiculously self-indulgent dessert of Hagendaz (or however you spell it) vanilla ice-cream, slept, and then, after a light supper of plum yoghurt, I had a short chat with himself over the phone and… slept.

I think I can see the sense of a Dolly approach to passing the time on an excessively quiet and rather damp and chilly day. I doubt I can keep it up for more than a couple of days before I get all itchy and scratchy, and need to do something. For today, though, I passed the time, Dolly-style.


Boston, Feb 9,'05
Sketchbook study: Bleak tree



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