Far too frightening

Friday February 25, 2005

I attempted some trial washes on a piece of scrap paper this morning but my thumb’s still not up to it. Healing nicely, but not ready yet.

Graham must have heard me sigh.

“What’s up, Scar-thumb?” he asked.

“Hee. Hee. That’s clever. Nothing’s up, just getting bored not being able to get on with this darn painting.”

“Well, draw some little boats, why don’t you? You like drawing little boats.”

That’s right. I do. All those years of watching little boats on rivers, lakes and estuaries, and sailing them, too, has stocked my brain with an endless succession of little boats.

So I filled a page of my latest 12″x9″ watercolour pad with little drawings in Pilot art-pen, then took my brush and sploshed some washes over them. It kept me happy and occupied for a couple of hours.

Graham must have heard me sigh.

“How’s it going?”


Stickford Feb 25,'05
Draw some little boats, why don’t you?


A little while later, well, a lot later, actually, the photograph of Dolly the Mega-Cat I posted yesterday received a lot of ooohs and aaaaahs. It was suggested in my comments that I should do a painting from it but I’m frightened. Cat portraits and, indeed, dog ones, too, are fiendishly difficult. So I invited anyone who fancied taking up brush (or pencil) to have a go. Didn’t think any more of it, to be honest. But, true to form, two readers took up the challenge, first was Robyn, closely followed by Joan. Both give a creditable account of the fearsome moggie, and I congratulate them. Thanks! I’ll not be trying it myself, though. Far too frightening.



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