Confusion reigns, I think

Sunday March 27, 2005

The day after the night when the clocks change is always a little strange, don’t you find? Twice a year they do this to me. Twice a year! This one, when the clocks went forward, is probably the more disturbing of the two.

The confusion started when daylight woke me and, peering at my bedside clock radio, I found that I’d slept an extra hour. I groaned out of bed, did my loosening up routine, and shambled off to the kitchen. Waiting for the kettle to boil I glanced at the kitchen clock and found I’d got that hour back. It took a mug of good strong coffee and a sniff at the air outside the kitchen door before I tumbled to what had happened.

Most of our clocks, like my bedside radio, change themselves, you see. But the one in the kitchen is of a generation before radio control. The clock in the study had changed itself, too, as had the one in my computer, and in my PDA. The oven timer, and the one in the microwave needed to be changed, as did the little one in the living room. And the one in the car… All three of Graham’s watches needed to be advanced… Just as well we don’t have a cuckoo clock or we’d be quite cuckoo-d out.

So here we are, on British Summer Time once more, just as we’ve reached twelve and a half hours of daylight. If I’ve got it right daylight now starts about 06:45, and ends around 19:30. Yesterday the daylight period started and ended an hour earlier. Confused? Join the club.

On the up-side, it does mean we’ve taken a significant step further away from winter, the days are growing longer and the temperature is steadily rising, close to comfort levels now that March is doing the ‘going out like a lamb’ thing. The down-side, just for today, is that I lost an hour somewhere, and the clocks are all telling me it’s an hour later than my digestion would have it. Just for today, the bit of me that does not fully understand the whys and the wherefores of the clock change, that little bit of me doesn’t quite know what’s going on.

To top it all, tomorrow is another Bank Holiday, so the weekend, already a day longer then it ought to be, isn’t over yet.

Hours lost, weekends extended, is it any wonder I get confused?



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