Tell me about it

Tuesday March 29, 2005

I’d refused point blank to let Graham go to the town dump today. His back was much improved but still sore, and I simply would not have him lifting heavy sacks of garden refuse into and out of the car. I doubt if I’ll be able to stop him tomorrow, on current progress, but today I put my foot down.

“Well, I’m not going to sit around all day doing nothing,” he said.

“Didn’t think you would for a moment.”

“I shall finish the paint job today if it kills me.”

“Well, it won’t kill you but do be careful or it’ll sure as hell hurt you.”

“I’ll do my best. What will you do today, then?”

“I have to go out and post this eBay parcel, but I think I’ll just do Spilsby and grab something fresh for our lunch and dinner. They’ll be restocking the shelves today after the holiday.”

Which was good thinking except I’d forgotten it was Tuesday and, on Tuesdays, the Post Office in Spilsby shuts at midday. I stood outside the locked and barred doors muttering a long succession of ‘Bugrits’ to myself and wondering what to do next. I really wanted to get the parcel off but didn’t fancy driving all the way to Boston. Not a lot of profit in that, anyway, what with diesel prices still going up and all.

So I grabbed my provisions, thankful that the little in-town supermarket doesn’t do half-day closing, and called in at the tiny village shop in Keal Cotes on my way home. Another series of ‘Bugrits’ was issued when I discovered that the post office desk there doesn’t just close at midday on Tuesdays, it closes at midday every day. I shall not be going there again. So I drove on, past Stickford, into Stickney. Thank goodness, the post office counter in that village shop was open and I was able to get the parcel off my hands. I’d begun to think I’d have to ring home, tell Graham I’d be delayed, and drive off to Boston after all.

And then, when I got back home, I started the long, tedious task of FTP-ing files over to the new web host. I’d forgotten what a boring job this is. There’s an awful lot of words on my website, and more than just a few pictures, too. A whole lot more than there was last time I switched servers. I could drop most of the archives of course but they do get read, and there’s a constant stream of visits to archived entries from the search engines. Hey ho. I shall press on with it of course. I’m going to be a busy chap for the next two or three days, though, and that’s for sure. Doubtless there’s an easier and faster way to do the job but I suspect it’d take me longer to research and learn it than it will to go on in my own simple manner. I’m aiming to have the whole lot up and spinning in time for All Fool’s Day. Seems an appropriate target date, somehow.

Anyway, Graham was a good as his word and finished the paint job on the third bedroom. That’s the whole house decorated now, needing nothing more than tidying, cleaning, and the final placement of pictures and stuff. Then we can turn our attention back to the outside the minute the weather improves. He’ll be taking a well-earned break as soon as the job is finished, hoping to travel up to Scotland to visit with one of our old friends. I’ll be left to deal with estate agents, solicitors and viewers while he’s away and, when he returns, I’ll be off somewhere for a few days change of scene myself. I’ve earned a break, too, not by the sweat of my brow but as reward for all the tea, coffee and ‘hold this for a minute, would you’ tasks that have been my main contribution to the project. I shall be sure to get Graham to pull out the old Nikon and tripod and do a decent photo-study of the house before he departs.

There’s a sense of inevitability about it now. We’re selling up, and moving. The only snag is we’ve still not decided on our destination, not really we haven’t. It may be we need our mini-breaks before we can settle that one.

Interesting times? Tell me about it.



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