Sadly cynical

Wednesday April 6, 2005

True to form, just as we’re waiting for a couple of dry, still days so we can do the outside paintwork, the weather today turned wet, wintry and exceeding blusterous. Not the kind of weather for doing outside paintwork at all, so there was no need for either of us to venture outdoors. Welcoming the opportunity for a quiet break, we stayed home, Graham pottering about putting finishing decorative touches to the recently painted rooms and me getting routine filing stuff done.

Seemed to take up most of my time, did getting stuff done and yet when I come to the end of the day, I don’t feel I’ve much to show for it. Not all activities yield visible or even tangible results.

The news came through of the death of HRH Prince Rainier of Monaco. Another era closed, one of glamour and glitz alongside the quiet work of the man, building his country up to a prosperous, going concern from what was a tired remainder of the early part of the last century.

So now we have the death of a Pope in Rome, and of a Prince in Monaco, an impending Royal sort-of wedding here in the UK, and, to cap it all, the over-anticipated announcement that we are to have a general election here on May 5. Oh, joy. The talking heads on the TV news channels simply don’t know how to cope with so many main news stories at one time. Spinning round and round, they are, trying to maintain the 15-minute cycle of news while still covering the whole thing. The resulting stream of trivial sound and vision bites is an insult to the viewer, and to the issues they’re broadcasting.

Hey ho.

“It’s a shame they don’t do holidays on Mars yet,” Graham said, contemplating the TV screen in disgust.

“Why’s that, then?”

“Probably the only way to get a decent distance from this lot.”

“Know what you mean. We could always boycott the news for the next four weeks.”

“It’s an idea. We shall not do it, but it’s an idea.”

Only one of the issues touches me directly and that’s the General Election. This time round I’m not overly interested even in that. I’ve already made up my mind on the merits of the main contenders, and shall be voting tactically to keep the Tories out of government for another term. Other than that, I’d wish a plague on all their houses if I could muster enough spite. Sadly, none of them are worth a lick of spite.

That’s a sadly cynical note on which to end the day, isn’t it? I’ll try to do better tomorrow.



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