Have a great weekend

Friday April 8, 2005

“This room,” Graham said, walking into my study where I was idly playing Solitaire on the computer, “is a total disaster area.”


“You may well go oh. We’re going to have to carry out a major rescue operation on it. Soon.”


“No. It’s a bit late today. How’s tomorrow suit you?”

“Fine. I’ll pitch in soon’s I’m awake tomorrow.”

I can’t argue. My study is a complete mess. Ongoing eBay stuff, and the remnants of old eBaying operations. Packing material. A two-day heap of paper on my desk. Stuff everywhere. Needs a thorough sorting out and then me out of the way for a couple of hours while Graham gives it all a good bottoming.

Hey ho. Had to come, I suppose. An end to my quietly messy, idle life, I mean.

So, with this, I’m going to have to put the journal on a two-day hiatus, turn the computer off, and get down to work. I’ll be back early Tuesday with an entry for Monday. My time, of course.

Have a great weekend.



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