A suitable scale

Thursday April 14, 2005

To Boston this morning, to pick up Graham’s creaky old sewing machine which has been in for service. I’ve tried to persuade him we should buy a new one but he insists on keeping this one going for as long as possible.

I also visited the post office to send off some parcels and, for one last time, that I’d underestimated the postage on one of them. I’ve been using the kitchen balance scale and must have miscounted the total of the little brass weights. Again. So we marched off over to Oldrids to look at new electronic scales. They seemed no more suitable, in spite of the digital display, than our old balance. And ridiculously expensive, too.

“I think we’d better check out what we can find on the Internet,” Graham said.

“I shall check it out on eBay when we get home,” I replied. “Can’t be too unusual a search for eBay addicts like me.”

“Now, why didn’t I think of that?”

“Because you’re not a true blue eBayer.”

“Just as well. Having one in the family is unfortunate. Two would amount to carelessness.”

“Oh, I can’t do Oscar Wilde this time of day. Why don’t we go and get some brain lubricant in Costa Coffee and then see how I do?”

“That, my little chooky-boots, is a very good idea.”

Strolling back across the town to where we’d left the car I pulled my pencam out, positioned it unobtrusively on my shoulder strap, and started a bit of electronic people watching. It’s rare that I don’t come up with a few interesting shots that way. I love candid photography. Should do a lot more of it.

Graham enjoys the results but doesn’t truly approve of the process. “You’re beeping,” he said.

“That’s me. Call me Mr Beep, if you will.”

“I can do better than that.”

“I’m sure you can. Don’t waste it on me today, though. I seem to have left my brain at home.”

“Ah well. Let’s go see if we can find it again.”

Back home, after lunch and after my nap, my brain trickled back to life. It’s always like that for a couple of days after a heavy dose of sodium diclofenac. They’re wonderful NSAIDs for arthritic pain but I wouldn’t want to take them regularly, or frequently. Good old fashioned soluble aspirin of the plain and simple kind is my painkiller of choice, and I’ve yet to encounter any nasty side-effects. After all these years, I’d have noticed. And the heart people say aspirin is awfully good for the old ticker.

So, anyway, I sat down to search for postal scales on eBay, located a splendid model at a very good price, and hit the ‘Pay Now’ button. In a few days my inaccurate postal estimations will be a thing of the past. And that’s just as well because I’m going to an antiques fair on Saturday, the first fair of the season, and hope to find a few pieces to sell on at a small profit. I’ll wait for the scale to turn up before I weigh them, though, and in future I’ll weigh the packaging along with the item.

“They do look awfully professional,” Graham remarked.

“Yeah. I’ve seen them in mailrooms all over the place. Good, reliable technology. And I want to get really professional on the eBay front.”

“You’ve got the bit between your teeth on this, haven’t you?”

“Yup. Painting in watercolours, photography and dealing in old pottery on eBay suits me as a retirement occupation. For now.”

“Keeps you out of mischief.”

“Precisely. Not that there’s anything wrong with a bit of harmless mischief now and then. It’s all a matter of scale. And balance.”


Boston, Apr 14,'05
Boston public life
pen cam photo


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