Patent remedies

Saturday April 16, 2005

A few days back, when I had a spot of back trouble, I decided to give my joints a treat and go onto a course of cod liver oil and glucosamine capsules. While I was shopping for them I thought I’d play double safe and pick up a bottle of omega 3 fish oil, just for the deviltry of it. Just normal one-a-day doses, from the supermarket. Well, the back problem resolved itself speedily and without too much trouble but I kept the capsules going rather than shove them back into the cupboard to languish in the darkness pending the expiration of their best-by date. I hate waste.

The effect, even after such a short time, is little short of astonishing. My joints are moving easily and with very little pain. Even my spine is feeling decidedly more limber. And, to cap it all, I find my concentration is improved, too, and my energy levels are building up to the point where I’m wanting to be up and about more and more. Perhaps it’s the combination. Perhaps it’s because I’ve not taken any kind of supplement for a long time. But, whatever, I’m feeling pretty darn chipper.

On past experience the effect will build up to a peak and then tail off slowly. Or it may not. You just never know with these things. I shall however be sure to pick up new bottles with my shopping from now on and revel in my reprieve, no matter how short-lived it may be.

Now, I am not recommending fellow sufferers to dash out and do the same. I’m not overly keen to have patent remedies for the patently irremediable suggested to me. Different things work for different folks, and at different times and to different degrees, so it seems. I’ve taken cod liver oil, and other fish and exotic vegetable oils in all kinds of formulations over the years and always found it helped. A little, and only for a little while. For anyone who’s between patent remedies of choice it might be worth trying, though…

Other than that, I’ve not really done much today. Shopping, cooking, a few routine chores. And sitting quietly, feeling better in myself than I have for ages. Patently so.



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