Playing Solitaire

Tuesday April 19, 2005

A good, sunny April day, bright and clean. Typical for April, being a sunshine day between two days of showers. Graham stayed home to do outside work while I went off to the supermarket, grabbing sufficient supplies to keep us going through to Saturday. It’s all getting to be very routine, each week an almost exact match for the one that went before and, up until the point where we put the house on the market, likely to be a good match for the one that follows.

If it were not for the certainty of an imminent upheaval I’d be getting restless, moaning and whingeing that we are stuck in a rut.

Instead, counting blessings, I’m relaxing into my idle days the best I can, relishing the sameness while we have it.

Doesn’t make for interesting journal entries, though. And, coinciding with endless wall-to-wall cover of the dull doings of new popes and old politicians, I’d have to really scrabble for something to write about today if I were obsessed with making interesting reading out of the extraordinarily ordinary.

I’m not obsessed like that, though. I’ve learnt from Dolly the Mega-Cat that boring bits are good times to snooze, relax, and enjoy the quiet. Even for us monkeys, boring bits are enjoyable enough, really, when you know they’re going to come to a sudden and irreversible end in the near future. So, let’s hear it for the boring bits…

Now, back to playing Solitaire. Just a few games. Enough to see me through to lunch time.



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