Good night, all…

Saturday May 7, 2005

Waking up to a house that’s empty apart from a mega-cat snoring gently at the foot of the bed is strange for me and this time it’s strange in yet another different way.

For the past few months we’ve been busy, each of us doing our own part toward getting the house ready for sale, and exploring the options for the next one. I don’t seem to have had time to sit and think and, apart from dipping into poetry books, I’ve done no serious reading at all. And I haven’t picked up a paintbrush for three or four weeks.

So, with the prospect of a quiet week ahead of me, I’m hoping to make up for lost time on all three counts.

I find it best to ease myself into quiet otherwise I sink into a do-nothing, think-nothing daily routine and, before I know it, the week has gone and I’ve achieved very little. It’s astonishing how much sleep I can get into a quiet day.

In an effort to get myself up and going I drove off to the first outdoor ‘antique’ sale of the year, arriving at ten o’clock this morning just in time to see the streams of satisfied customers leaving, having grabbed all the good stuff before I had a chance to see it. Some stalls were already being packed up. Even so I had a lot of fun touring up and down the aisles, looking at this, getting a feel of that. I found a couple of little bits that’d been overlooked, or rejected, and haggled the price down so it was a coin purchase. These days I reckon that coins are not real money, a philosophy that would have horrified my mother.

It was bright and sunny, with a cold wind that made me fasten my coat and, towards the end, I looked up at the sky to see black clouds building up and sailing slowly our way. So, off I went, back up the road to Spilsby, where I spent a happy half hour picking through the junk shops and the charity shop, hoping to spend a few more coins. Nothing doing, sadly.

No matter. It’s my first buying expedition of the season and I didn’t really expect much of it. I took a peek into my coin purse and decided there was enough there for a fish’n’chip lunch, which I consumed with much gusto, looking out of the window as the clouds finally arrived and deposited a minor hail storm on the town. I rather enjoy sitting in a window, munching on good hot nosh and watching less wise folks battling against the storm. By the time I’d done the storm had passed but it was clear that there was at least one more on the way so I decided I’d had enough excitement for the day and came back home.

Dolly was snoring gently at the foot of the bed, completely worn out after the effort of eating her breakfast and performing her morning toilette. I made myself a mug of coffee, using a Rombouts filter to brew an acceptable java, sipped half of it, and then decided Dolly had the best idea. I nudged her aside, slid my tired little old body under the coverlet, and within minutes was sleeping the sleep of the innocent.

I didn’t sleep the whole day, though, being woken by a major hail storm, rattling on the windows and whooshing up the drive to hammer on the metal door of the garage.

Another mug of coffee, fully consumed this time, and followed in short order by a second, and I was hard at work, washing the goodies I’d bought this morning, photographing and working up descriptions for them, and uploading the results to eBay. Nothing special, far from it, but at least I’ve got started once more.

Having done the basic descriptions, and before uploading them, I took both pieces out to the workshop and used Graham’s work bench to build cardboard boxes so I could pack them nicely, leaving the flaps open for a packing slip should the items sell. It’s much easier doing this job on a proper bench, so much so that even I can manage it reasonably speedily. Both items are now stored neatly out of sight in the kitchen cupboard we’ve set aside for my eBay work, waiting on the end of their auctions.

I’m determined that my shipping costs will be an accurate reflection of the weight of the item together with its packing from now on and I was well pleased when I came to weigh them because I’m not good at estimating weight correctly and both packets came out rather heavier than I’d have thought. This was the first time I’ve used the new electronic postal scales and I was well pleased with them. Nice, no fuss bit of engineering and functional design.

Then I pinged my dinner through the microwave and sat down to watch a no-brain spooky movie which I enjoyed mildly but almost immediately forgot. Couldn’t even tell you the title now and in these days where we use on-screen programme schedules I can’t go back and check. Not that it matters. There’s no harm in no-brain spooky movies but they’re by definition things that ought not to occupy valuable storage space in an already over-cluttered brain.

Shame you can’t de-clutter your head and sell all the obsolete and unwanted stuff haphazardly stored in it. Hey ho. Given the onward march of technology it might happen one day but it hasn’t happened yet. Pending the arrival of that miracle, I’ll take my odd mix of activities and memories off to bed and see what Morpheus can brew from them.

Good night, all…


Stickford, May 7,'05
A minor hive of industry



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