Never so humble

Sunday May 8, 2005

“I made up a new joke,” I said during our morning phone call.

“Oh, go on then,” he groaned.

“It goes like this:  Question.  ‘Do you have an inferiority complex?’  Answer.  ‘Yes, but it’s not a very good one’.”

A gratifying splutter came over the wires. “Was that your coffee,” I asked.

“Yes. Actually, that’s quite good. You should make a note of it.”

“Thanks. I already did.”

And so the day started with a smile and, although quiet and pottery, went on that way. What’s not to enjoy?

Dolly and I are catching up on sleep still, of course, though she seems to need much more than me for some reason.

I pottered from task to task, catching up on things I’ve been meaning to get done. Like sending off the three painted postcards from the last batch that’ve been sitting in my ‘out’ drawer since I packed my paintbrushes away during the big study tidying session some three weeks ago. Like unpacking said paintbrushes and getting going once more with some sketchbook work. I looked at the little stack of postcards left to do, nearly got going with them, but my pillow called louder.

And like cleaning. Or, at least, thorough vacuuming and a light dusting. Dolly and I seem not to have made much mess since Friday. Not surprising, really, when you consider the amount of time we’ve spent sleeping. Whatever, all I’ll need to do in the morning before the agents call is to drag the vacuum round quickly, wipe down surfaces and sinks, and tidy away the things that we like to hide when the house is being formally viewed. Oh, and check the fruit bowl for any hidden mouldies before I put it out on the dining table for display purposes. Note for future house-selling activities: Plastic fruit would be a good idea.

So went the day. Nothing special, certainly nothing too strenuous.

“Any more new jokes?” Graham asked when he called to say good night.

“Lawks, no. I’ve been far too busy.”

“Small mercies, eh?”

“Never so humble.”


Brassington, Somerset
Brassington, Somerset
Pen & wash on cartridge paper



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