Busy days ahead

Sunday May 15, 2005

“Did those two bits sell?” Graham asked when we spoke this evening.

“Oh, yes. Didn’t make anything on them, just about broke even. I’ve finally worked out the way to do better, though.”

“How’s that?”

“I should keep on with the antiques fairs but only buy things we’d like in our own home rather than try to guess what may sell.”

“Ah. Yes. That’d do it.”

“Mind you, the thing I most want to sell is my watercolours.”

“We’ll have to make sure you have somewhere to paint them, then.”

“That’d be good.”

So we exchanged good nights, having established the best train for Graham to catch tomorrow morning, and I turned to the task of getting the two parcels ready to drop off at the post office. I’d packed the pieces before listing them so all that was needed was to print off the packing slips and labels and tape the lids down. Neat. I’m getting the hang of this.

I’d cleaned the house thoroughly early in the day and Dolly and I had managed to get by with only minimal mess.

“I think I’ll clean up before I go to bed, Dolly,” I said. “That way I shall not need to do anything in the morning.”

She’s getting used to the routine, even resigned to the noise of the vacuum cleaner. I gave her a good cuddle when I’d finished and we settled down to watch a late night movie on the Bad Movies channel. An early 1960s monster horror film, made in Britain, and truly, wonderfully bad. Behemoth, I think it was called. You can’t beat a truly bad monster horror movie last thing at night to go with your bedtime Horlicks.

That’s the end of our home alone week. It’s been quiet here for Dolly and I. Two prospective house buyers in the offing, waiting on the estate agents to open tomorrow morning before placing tentative offers and if there is to be a flood of interested buyers it’s liable to start tomorrow, too. And once Graham’s back I’ll be able to float off a couple of times a week to the fairs and shows, looking for curios and collectables to sell on, always bearing in mind that, if it wouldn’t look good on our shelves, I should leave it where I find it.

Busy days ahead.



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