Passes the time nicely

Saturday May 21, 2005

Leaving Graham home to continue loading software on to his new computer, I jumped into the car a little before 09:00 and took myself off to the big weekly outdoor antique/junk fair the other side of Stickney. This one is more junk than antiques, but if you poke around there are treasures to be found.

I was somewhat surprised to find the carpark almost full to capacity, even at this early hour so, when I’d found a couple of nice horse brasses, I got to chatting with the friendly guy who’d given me a good price on them.

“I get the feeling I’ve arrived a bit late,” I said. “What time does it actually start?”

“You need to get here about six for the bargains,” he said.

“Yikes! What time do you start, then?”

“We got here a bit before five-thirty,” he said.

“You deserve a medal for that.”

“I got medals. You interested in medals?”

“Oh, no,” I laughed. “I don’t know from medals. I’ll stick with the horse brasses.”

“Come along a bit earlier next week and I’ll see what I can find for you.”

“You’re on.”

I’m not so sure about the five-thirty, though. I get up early but the prospect of being out and about at that hour seems, well, a tad on the ungodly side.

Anyway, off I plodded, enjoying the sunshine, picking over the displayed goods on stall after stall and rummaging through box after box of miscellaneous stuff. I had started out with a buying fund of ten pounds and, by the time I’d walked up and down row after row of stalls, I had a couple of bits stuffed into my new bag and a plastic carrier filled with little goodies. Nothing special, but things that I liked, and would happily have about me. I’m getting to really like horse brasses; not a new liking, but this time round I’m finding that rummaging through boxes of assorted knick-knacks for them has something of the treasure hunt about it.

The sun was still shining when I got to the end and totted up the residual of my buying fund. A tad over five pounds left. So I trotted merrily over to the best of the refreshment stands, treated myself to a hot bacon buttie and a cup of black tea, and sat down to enjoy it. That was when the sun went in and the clouds thickened, threatening rain.

I sat there for a while to digest my snack, and pulled out the pencam, snapping what I could see from a static position. Which wasn’t a lot. People were leaving in droves, fearing a soaking. Shame that. It’s only a bit of water. But there you go. It’s sensible to carry a light-weight waterproof with you when you go off into the British countryside.

I made my way back to the car, snapping as I went. I’d left it too late for much of a photo opportunity, sadly, but there may be the making of a couple of interesting pictures there. Just as I drove off the heavens opened, and I congratulated myself on a bit of good timing.

When I got home I unpacked my goodies for inspection. Graham particularly liked a small floral lidded pot, sneered at the ‘depression glass’, which he doesn’t much enjoy, but he agreed I’d done particularly well on the horse brasses. In fact he conceded I’d done pretty well, considering.

“I’m getting the hang of it now,” I said. “It’d be much better if you came along, though.”

“Perhaps next week,” he said. And then, when I’d told him the time you have to get there: “That’s too early. You’ll have to find one that starts later in the day.”

“I’m working on it.”

After I’d had coffee I cleaned up the horse brasses, not too much, and set them up as three separate eBay lots, ready to upload later today. The rest of my finds, together with a couple of bits left over from Graham’s computer upgrade, will go to make up seven more lots, and I’ll do them over the next couple of days. Then I’ll get a local newspaper and study the boards to find the best places to go looking for goodies. I believe there’s a weekly auction over at Horncastle, along with a huge one in Lincoln, and they may well be worth exploring. In particular they do house clearance sales and that might be the best way for me to start building up my experience, and my stock.

This is fun. Nothing wrong with a bit of fun. Passes the time nicely, does a bit of fun.


Stickney, May 21,'05
Never mind the antiques, where’s the hot dogs?
pencam photo



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