Quite rhapsodic, really

Friday May 27, 2005

It seemed to me, last night, to become warmer rather than cooler and, as the temperature rose this morning, it was plain we were in for a hot day. I looked into the fridge, freezer and larder cupboard, determining that, with care and a little invention, I could see us through the day without needing to go out for provisions. So, following my shade-seeking summer instincts, I turned on the desk fan, drew the study curtains against the sun, and settled in for another day at home. Not long after that Graham hopped out to the garage and brought in the large floor standing fan which, while it sounds like a minor jet plane taking off, drags the air from the cooler north side and keeps it circulating throughout the entire house.

Hey ho. Another summer without airconditioning. I don’t care what it costs, we’re going to have airconditioning in the next house.

So, anyway, I settled down to the task of hitching my old photo galleries into the new photoblog, adjusting links and some of the words so the whole thing hangs together. Too many words. The journal is the right place for the words, and a photo/picture blog should have only a minimum of them.

It’s a brain-melting job, requiring quite long periods of concentration. Not that I’m complaining, far from it. I find it reassuring that I can still sit down and concentrate on an intricate task, just as I used to do. No deterioration there.

The bit I can’t do anymore is to keep bottom applied to chair for hours at a time. I divided the project into manageable, discrete chunks, taking a good long break between each to ease the pressure on a faulty coccyx.

I’ve sort of set a target for myself to complete the photoblog project and have it uploaded by the end of the weekend. No particular reason, just an idle urge to be able to settle down to a slightly extended daily website maintenance routine with a place for pictures as they come along in the future.

As the sun moves around the house through the day there is almost always a shady place to sit for a while. One such, in the morning, is by the pool in the front garden, where the bleak gravel patch we inherited is now showing the reward of a combination of intelligent planting and constructive neglect. The result is a lovely, rich tapestry of flowers and grasses, providing a grand backdrop to the pool, deep and cooling before the sun falls on it. And the gentle splash from the water spout falling into the far end brings an element of sound and movement to complete the experience. This is what English gardens are supposed to be like. We’re determined that the next house, in which we hope to live for a longer period than this, shall have a proper garden, one we can both maintain and enjoy. And secure for Dolly, too.

We returned briefly to the question of the black box for the forthcoming broadband connection and, notwithstanding the frightening security stories, decided to go for a fully wireless setup. This adds slightly to the cost but removes entirely the need to run cables from room to room; that’ll be a real bonus not just here but especially so in the next house.

And so the day went, busy but not too much so, hot but not intolerably so. The bees buzzed lazily from flower to flower, the birds cheeped happily in the hedge, our temporary resident rabbit lolloped from shady spot to shady spot, and both human and feline inhabitants of the little house by the fens enjoyed a lovely early summer day. Quite rhapsodic, really.


Stickford, May,'05
By the pool



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