A truly beautiful summer

Wednesday June 8, 2005

Well, ok. It was sunny, beautifully warm, a light breeze to prevent things getting too hot, and it turned out that, instead of acting like a one man hive of painterly industry, nothing was too little trouble for me today.

Lovely, long, langurous doing nothing much at all. Dolly did much the same, sticking with her ‘move me if you dare’ attitude towards any attempt to persuade her that the most comfortable, coolest, quietest place in the house wasn’t really where she wanted to be at all. She’s been like that for some days now. Even Graham sat indoors through the heat of the day, playing with his computer.

Me, I picked up my paintbox and brushes once. Just the once. Mostly, though, I did nothing and I feel no guilt at all.

This is turning out to be a truly beautiful summer.


Dolly the Mega-Cat, Stickford, Jun,'07
Move? Moi? You cannot be serious!
Nikon FM2; Fuji film



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