Ol’ rockin’ chair

Thursday June 9, 2005

Another lovely day, sunny, warm, blue skies, birds a’singing… You know the drill by now. The forecast is for the weather to cool down and perhaps produce a light shower or two for the weekend and then to brighten up again on Monday for the following week. Which suits me but does seem a little unfair on working folk.

It’s a real ol’ rockin’ chair’s got me kind of period, this, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

We exchanged status reports with the local young couple who want to buy the house, to find their experience is much the same as ours. Lots of interest, but any potential buyers need to sell their property first before getting serious. It’s good to have the confirmation that it’s not just us, especially as they have their house on the market with a different agent.

The waiting, then, continues, and we’re both of us rather enjoying it. Graham poddled about in the garden today, planting a few cheap and cheerful flowers to replace the faded bluebells and such, and we sat happily outside together whenever he wanted a break, sipping the beverage of our choice and chatting away merrily.

Obviously, conversation turns now and again to the question of ‘where next’. We have a clear vision of what we want. The where is mutable still, and likely to stay so until we’re obliged to focus down on a particular place. Then it’ll be much the same as last time. We’ll research the houses for sale, produce a shortlist, and I shall motor off for a few days to do the ground work. When I find a suitable candidate or two, Graham will join me for the day, we’ll make our decision, and then dash back home before Dolly thinks she’s been deserted. We have a neighbour who will happily pop in to put down fresh food and water should we be delayed, and the litter tray, still a large three-cat model, lasts Dolly several days before she complains.

But, and it’s a big but, we need that buyer to come along. Or a buyer for the young couple. Either will do, and we console ourselves with the thought that we have what is effectively two houses to temp them. This may all take some time yet.

After a happy morning and afternoon, I took myself off to Spilsby for minor provisions and, momentarily, the world went a little grey. There’s been a murder, you see. On the main road. Some young woman met an untimely end in a lay-by not half a mile along the way, close enough for local people to think of it as being very much on ‘our’ patch. As I drove out it was bad enough, with the area taped off, several police vehicles in attendance, and sundry investigative type people inspecting the site. That was unsettling enough. It was worse on the return leg, though, since all but one of the vehicles had gone, leaving a single policeman in a marked police car, waiting over the site as the evening closed in and, presumably, keeping guard throughout the night. Not a job I’d fancy at all. Everything had been cleaned up by then of course, and the victim’s car taken away for forensics. Even so. If I had to sit there my mind would play unpleasant scenarios at me all night. Hopefully, by the time I visit Spilsby again, next Wednesday, the detailed forensics will have been carried out on site, the whole lot hosed down and cleared, and there’ll be nothing there for the curious to see. I shall not stop.

Back home I clicked on the TV to catch the local news. No more than a three-second mention. I found that disturbing, too. Death is become a casual event, it seems, worth no more than a quick drive by and a passing word.

So, I gave a little shudder, and turned back to my tasks in hand, including a little watercolour painting. I rescued the fridge magnet from the other day and this time Graham really likes it. I’ll bang it up on eBay tomorrow and get on with the next after I’ve worked out the best way of doing the job. I now have two painted, and ten blanks waiting. I also have a sack of the resin on order so that I can make more blanks if I run out of these and the demand holds up. I think that a few pages of my sketchbook are needed, exploring suitable subjects. Last time I did this was in Somerset, painting standard miniatures for framing. The fridge magnet idea makes it a fun thing to do, and is likely to yield a little extra pin money, too. Apart from the fridge magnets I have several ideas for similar small objects that might well appeal, all based on little watercolour miniatures. Graham thinks I’ve found my niche, and he may well be right. It’s pleasant work even if I do have to set up, do the job, and clear everything away when I’m done. I shall have a studio bench in my next study, see if I don’t.

And it all serves to keep me occupied whilst we wait for that buyer to turn up. Given the right frame of mind, waiting for something to turn up isn’t so bad. Just so long as you keep hands and mind fully occupied and don’t apply the bottom to the ol’ rockin’ chair for too long at a time.


Stickford, Jun,'10
On the Bure
Watercolour and pen on fridge magnet blank



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