Tired eyes

Saturday June 11, 2005

“Darned if I can see to do this today,” I said, pushing my sketch book away in disgust. I’d been designing new miniatures.

“What you need is a magnifier on a stand like you had when we were in Somerset.”

“Yeah, I know. Can’t find it anywhere. I suspect I chucked it when we moved from Somerset to Wales.”

“Well, buy another one then.”

“That means a trip to Oldrids in Boston, or maybe even Grantham.”

“Don’t be silly. Look on eBay, why don’t you.”

“Oh, Lord, I didn’t think…”

“Well, think on.”

So I did. And found what looks to be the perfect glass on a stand, at a very reasonable price, too. Clicked on the ‘Buy it Now’ button and, hopefully, it’ll be on its way on Monday.

Until it turns up I think I’d best take a break from close work. My reading spectacles are great but they’re not designed for this job.

When I was a kid I was told the standard horror stories about spending too much time reading. “It’ll ruin your eyes, Johnny,” I was informed. With authority, but with little accuracy. I wonder now if it wasn’t an excuse to defer the purchase of reading glasses. Certainly the objections disappeared when the National Health Service came along, giving children free examinations and prescription spectacles. From then on I was allowed to read all I wanted. Goodness knows what they’d make of the horrendous sums we have to pay for glasses today.

Horrendous or not, I think it’s time I went for an examination, and new reading specs at the very least. Hey ho. Expensive month looming. Road tax and two new tires for the car. New spectacles for tired eyes. I’m sure there’s something else on my list, too, but I am in avoidance mode and refuse to alarm myself with trivial details.


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