Friday June 17, 2005

Can you hear the sound of two humans and one over-sized feline flopping? I wouldn’t be surprised if you said yes. It’s one of the primary sounds of summer here, and summer seems to have decided to give us a couple of days heat and sunshine, just so’s we don’t get over confident, look through the winter clothing drawer at thermal long johns and think: “Mmmm… comfy!”

I don’t feel quite so bad about my lazy days approach to summer when Graham does the same thing. As the evening cooled he did go out to cut hedges and such but otherwise he hid indoors out of the sun, just as Dolly and I did. Of course it may be that Dolly and I set an example so strongly persuasive that resistance was futile. That is a possibility. On the other hand, Graham is not easily persuaded, and he is more than wise to our little tricks.

“I should be going out today,” I said as the morning heated up.

“So should I.”

Dolly just looked at us out of the corner of her eye, pouring scorn on our feeble pretence. There’s no fooling her, either. She’s wise to our little tricks, too.

All in all, then, it was a conspiracy of thieves here in the little house by the fens today, the three of us doing a little pretending, a tad of entertaining, and a lot of flopping.

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas,” I warbled absent mindedly as I made lunch.

“Don’t be silly,” said Graham.

“Mmmmmph!” said Dolly.


A very old movie promo shot, source unknown. Doubtless someone's copyright but I'm sure they'll let me off this once, seeing as it's Christmas
I’m dreaming of a white Christmas



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