Sleeping it off

Saturday June 25, 2005

Yesterday, as I finished my lunch-time provisioning visit to Tesco’s, the heavens opened, the rain fell, and the temperature fell with it. I stood by the car for several minutes, breathing deep, and relishing the cool. Didn’t mind the rain, either. Let’s face it, I’ve been looking forward to a break in the weather so much that a little clean rain was a small price to pay.

Time I got home I could feel my eyelids drooping. Haven’t slept too well these hot nights. Don’t suppose there’s been many folks round here that’ve had a good night’s sleep for some days now.

So I unpacked my goodies, stowed them away, and went for a well-earned sleep.

Late in the evening Graham called to confirm he’d had a safe journey and was settled into his little wooden staff cabin snug as a bug in a rug. He doesn’t know his precise return date yet but it’s likely to be next Saturday, certainly no later than the following Monday. All I have to do is keep the house clean, Dolly and me occupied, and give the agents a kick up the backside early in the week. Reading between the lines it sounds as though Graham’s tired of waiting about and wants to get on with the next house PDQ. I reckon the market will pick up after the summer holdays and we’ll not see much action before September/October. Which is likely to see us moving just in time for Christmas. Christmas moves are fun.

That’s all stuff to be done next week however, and this weekend is going to be a little holiday for Dolly and me. Checking my records, the first day or so of our home alone periods, no matter how long or short, is almost always spent sleeping. So today, when I’d had my breakfast and felt the droozies coming on, I didn’t fight it. Nor did I fight the need to have a nap after lunch. I had no arguments from Dolly.

It’s still cool, with a healthy breeze, and I’m beginning to feel human once more. Looks as if we’re in for two or three days of cloud, rain and fresh breezes before we get another hot ‘un, and I hope to catch up on chores and projects before that.

Today, though, like yesterday, I slept, and I feel no need to apologize for it. It’s likely to be much the same tomorrow.



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