All things considered

Thursday June 30, 2005

I popped my head on the pillow early last night, feeling tired and jaded, and hoping that the negatives of the day would be cancelled out by a good night’s sleep.

Well, I had a good night’s sleep. It lasted from 11:00 until a little after midnight, at which time I woke, full of energy and empty of sleep.

Dolly was delighted. By nature she’s a creature of the night, and is moved to the disgruntled side of discomfiture when the house shuts down early. So, when I sat up, switched the light on and announced my intent to go get a snack, she yawned, stretched, and toddled along in front of me to the kitchen to see what treats there might be in store. I turned the TV on while I mustered up a mug of hot Horlicks, and sat sipping my treat while Dolly slurped up her own—a very small saucer of Carnation Milk, slightly warmed. To my great approval I found they were running a screening of The Commitments and so Dolly and I settled in to enjoy the good, solid blues and the wall-to-wall exceedingly strong language.

I’m not sure if it’s the bad language or the blues that attracts Dolly to this kind of movie. It’s possible she’s simply enjoying my enthusiasm. Whatever, we made a contented pair, relishing the vigour and in-your-face qualities of the production well into the small hours. A couple of times before it ended, I made a trip to the fridge to fetch a can of cheap Dutch beer. The first one was to wash down the Horlicks. The second was to wash down the first. I’m not sure it there was a third. I’d stopped counting by then.

Whatever, by the time the closing credits rolled, I’d worked up a nice, friendly buzz and was greatly pleased with myself.

Pulling myself together, I stretched, yawned, and suggested that bed might be in order. Dolly contemplated me solemnly and, when I went off to the bathroom to clean teeth and unload some of that cheap beer, she followed me, waiting outside the door.

Back in bed, lights out once more, I felt the familiar heavy thump as Dolly took possession of her corner of the foot of the bed.

“Goodnight, Dolly,” I said.

She purred for a while. That’s not a bad response for a Mega-Cat, all things considered.



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