The day of the piano

Tuesday July 12, 2005

When Graham woke this morning there was a rather large, and very heavy package waiting for him. My new digital piano had arrived, one day early, and I needed his help to open and assemble it.

It was far too heavy for one bloke, but we managed it between us and soon had the really rather nice-looking thing erected on its stand and connected to the mains. A click of a switch and there it was, in the early morning light, playing a series of demonstration ‘songs’. All by itself. It took a while before I could pluck up courage, sit down, and try it out.


Stickford, Jul 12,'05
Early morning delivery


Well, after a day of practice sessions, interspersed with a trip to Skegness to buy new shoes for Graham, comfortable ones, suitable for working behind a bar, and sundry other non-musical tasks, I’d recovered my sight reading of the top stave and have worked up sufficient ability with the bottom one to be able to find my way through a few bits of several simple classical pieces in the book that came with the piano. I’d more or less kept my top stave reading operational after playing guitar music but a gap of forty years or so since I last tried to read and play piano music has left my left hand reading and playing somewhat mummified.

To my astonishment, though, I found I could start off the opening one or two bars of several pieces and can now play almost the whole of the first page of Furry Liza with only a couple of errors, and about half the first page of the Dripping Triplets sonata with less than one error a bar. Tomorrow I’m going to have a go at the Anna Magdelana minuette. These are pieces I learned way back when and which my fingers seem to at least partially remember. I’m hoping my piano tutor book will arrive tomorrow, too, or the day after, and then I can begin work in earnest. Meantime, I’m having fun.

Verdict on the Yamaha YDP-113? Ten out of ten. Affordable, attractive, and it genuinely does sound and feel like a real, if small upright piano. Except I never had the use of a piano before which was in perfect tune and on which all of the keys worked flawlessly. I’m delighted with it.

It’s been good to get my head down to a project so many gentle worlds away from the evils of the day.


Stickford, Jul 12,'05
Furry Liza



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