Some days are like that

Friday July 22, 2005

The BT Broadband man came this morning to investigate and fix the connectivity problem we’ve had with ADSL ever since we signed up for it. After much mysterious mutterings and prodding into sockets he diagnosed the fault, adjusted wires, and installed a new state of the art filter box in place of one of the sockets and VOILA! the problem was gone.

He did explain the technical side of it to me, and I retained the information long enough to relay it to Graham, then promptly forgot it. Except to know that, out in the sticks, you really, really need an ADSL socket at the point where the phone line enters the house in addition to the router. I shall remember that for the next place.

“That was well done,” said Graham. “What will you do with the rest of the day?”

“Not much. I think I need a real feet-up rest day.”

“Do that, then. And take another one tomorrow if you don’t feel properly rested.”

“Thanks. Good advice. I shall do that.”

I could have flopped in front of the TV and watched the Great British Terrorist Hunt and, from what I did see of it, it was a thrilling show, better than many movies. I really did need a rest day, though, and so snapped the set off and went back to bed.

Some days are like that.



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