Saturday July 23, 2005

My rest day from yesterday ended today, finally, at about eight o’clock in the evening. It’s been a while since I had quite so many long, long naps in such a short space of time. However, I woke from the last of them, stretched, yawned, and found myself fully re-charged and ready to get up and at ’em again.

“‘Ere! Dolly!” I said, giving her a good prod. “I’m awake!”

She rolled over onto her back, yawned, mightily, did the stretch thing, and regarded me solemnly, invitingly.

“Oh, alright. Standby for a major tummy tickle.”

It’s good to be back to normal.

Too late to do much with the day, of course. I took a quick trip to the eight-till-late shop to pick up a few goodies, more to get out of the house than anything. Lovely, silky-soft evening. When I pulled up outside the store the owner was standing outside the front door.

“Oh dear,” I said. “Am I too late?”

“No, you’ve got half an hour yet.”

“Good. Don’t know where else I could go for ice-cream and beer late on a Saturday evening.”

The road was strangely empty on the way back. Lincolnshire roads tend to be populated with lunatic drivers on a Saturday evening, all hurrying to get there first and competing to see who’ll be added to the casualty figures for the weekend. But, nothing. Just the road and me.

Back home I settled to one of those lovely routine projects that’s custom made to keep me occupied over the next few days when I’m of a mind to do something brainless. Two aspects to this story.

First, Macromedia Flash. For the longest time I’ve been unable to view Flash content on webpages through my MSIE 6.? browser. I tried Firefox again, and that was the same. Wrestled with settings all over the place, to no avail. Then, today, I sussed it. I downloaded a stand-alone uninstaller from the Macromedia site to clear all traces of the Flash viewer plug-in from my computer. Then, I downloaded a stand-alone installer instead of using the webpage installation which doesn’t work on my computer, set it to run and, hallelujah, it all works! So far as I know this is the only way to fully remove a problematic installation and make a good, clean re-installation. Neat.

Then, Flickr. I’ve so much admired other photographer’s work using Flickr but I’ve been unable properly to use the site because of the Flash problem. I went over to check, and revelled in the very smart slideshow displays. I like slideshows, reminds me of magic lantern shows when I was a kid, all wide-eyed and wondering in the dark of St Barnabas Church Hall.

Nothing daunted, I opened an account, and started uploading the cream of my journal photos. So far I’ve uploaded a couple of hundred photos from the first three years of the journal, and I shall go on over the next few days to complete the lot. I’ve tagged them as I’ve gone along so, at last, when I’m looking for that particular photograph of Dolly the Mega-Cat, I can reach it quickly and easily. I shall think about ‘sets’ when I’ve finished the backlog but currently it seems to me that these ought to be contained in a big ‘archive’ set, reserving this organization feature of Flickr for future use.

When I’ve done the lot, I shall look to future use, incorporate Flickr into my photoblog, and get cracking on the photography once more.

“Not much to show for the day, I’m afraid,” I said when I spoke to Graham last thing.

“Oh, I dunno. Sounds like you’re full of energy again so all those naps were time well spent.”




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