New specs, new blog, and new photographs

Thursday August 4, 2005

A rapid dash round with the vacuum and duster, then off to Boston for my eye test and to buy new specs. The exam was thorough, gratifyingly so, and I have great hopes of the results, due sometime in the next two weeks.

The optometrist saved me a bundle of cash and a great disappointment by telling me of a problem with varifocals I’d not heard of before. Seems that the more ‘zoned’ a varifocal lens is the more pronounced is the blurring on either side, diminishing peripheral vision and necessitating turning the head from side to side to see what’s there. Two fatal flaws there, so far as I’m concerned. First, I rely to a critical extent on my peripheral vision to see the greater picture of my world. Second, turning the head is something you tend to avoid when you have arthritis/spondilitis in the upper spine and neck.

So, I’m having ‘executive’ bi-focals, and keeping my existing reading specs for use at the computer. I wore this kind of bi-focal for years when I needed them at the meeting table so’s I could read my notes and observe the faces of my protagonists colleagues as I spoke, so I’ll adapt to them pretty quickly and, hopefully, not fall over any kerbstones in the process. They’ll also make the job of sketching and painting a great deal easier. Recent problems with my eyes have all but stopped my graphic arts activity and it’ll be good to get going again.

Even so… I winced, heavily, at the bottom line price of the perishing things. I’m going to have to make them last two years if possible, and then have the replacement lenses fitted in the same frames. You get more than just your pension when you reach retirement. Like an ever increasing caution when spending cash. And the aches and pains that come with the pension-book, too.

Oh, to hell with it. I took myself off to Costa Coffee for a massimo cappuchino and a croissant and sat outside annoying the passers-by as I dunked the latter into the former. What is it with the provincial British and their horror of public dunking, I wonder? Seems to be regarded as shameless behaviour, rather like breast-feeding a baby in public view.

Home, and then my day deteriorated as I decided to drop yesterday’s blog and load Word Press to my server, spending more hours than is healthy sitting at the computer wading through documentation and trying experiment after experiment to get it to work and look the way my online journal does. It’s possible, but it’ll take me a long time. I shall background this task, keeping it for rainy days. There’s no rush.

After an early dinner I went back to the computer to work on the photographs I took in Boston, using my trusty little pencam. I’m aware that I am neglecting the big camera just now but I do love using a camera with no buttons other than the shutter, no focus, no controls, just point it in the general direction of the things you see about you, click, and rely on experience to get a shot that’ll yield a decent picture.

And that was my day. Not terribly productive. Tomorrow I intend to do some gentle gardening if weather permits and, if not, I’ll do some reorganising of my file storage in the study. Both jobs need doing.

Boston, Aug 4,'05
Pencam photo


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